There had been a new awareness for the need of eating proper foods to assure consumption of all the necessary vitamins and minerals as specified in the recommended daily allowances. In order to help meet nutritional necessities, nutritional bars were introduced which provided a portion of the minerals and vitamins, and incorporated carbohydrates to yield quick energy when consumed.

The recipe mentioned below provides a low moisture shelf stable nutritional snack which can be produced by extrusion without cooking, which can supplement one’s dietary intake with 25% of the recommended daily allowance of all of the vitamins and minerals set forth in the recommended daily allowances which yields instant energy. The snack exhibits shape integrity in spite of its low moisture content and uncooked or unbaked state. The snack has a minimum amount of milk products so persons with milk allergies can also benefit from the product. Further, it has pleasing textural and taste characteristics and an overall sense of freshness and moistness.

Also this recipe can be tweaked to fit production of granola bars, cereal bars, chocolate bars and such.

The method of making a nutritious snack bar consist of the following steps;

(a) Mixing liquid ingredients including corn syrup, and melted confectioner’s coating material which is solid at room temperature;

(b) Mixing minor dry ingredients including vitamins and minerals with the liquid ingredients;

(c) admixing major dry ingredients comprising at least one high protein content source and at least one high carbohydrate content source with liquid ingredients and minor dry ingredients to obtain a substantially homogeneous mixture;

(d) extruding at room temperature the substantially homogeneous mixture of step (c) such that said confectioner’s coating material is substantially, uniformly distributed throughout said snack, said extruding being in an extruder having opposing rollers; and

(e) cutting the extrudate of step (d) into pieces, the total water content of the liquid ingredients, minor dry ingredients and major dry ingredients being less than or equal to about 10% water by weight and the amount of melted confectioner’s coating material being sufficient to provide shape integrity to said extrudate, said nutritional snack having a caloric distribution of at least about 10% from proteins, at least about 45% from carbohydrates including sucrose, and from at least about 25% to about 35% from fats, said percentages totaling 100%, and said nutritional snack having a chewy texture.

The ingredients are of low moisture content so that baking or cooking or heating of the nutritional snack is not necessary. Destruction of heat-sensitive vitamins or minerals is thereby avoided. Additionally, energy requirements and processing times are reduced in the process of the present invention. The snack has a low moisture content of less than about 10% by weight, yet is chewy and moist tasting. It is shelf-stable for at least 6 to 12 months under non-refrigerated conditions.

A confectioner’s coating material, which is normally solid at room temperature is distributed substantially uniformly throughout the snack. The confectioner’s coating material, being solid at room temperature, provides shape integrity to the snack and aids in binding the ingredients together. It also serves to distribute flavoring throughout the low moisture content product. The snack is also preferably surface coated with the confectioner’s coating material to enhance product integrity and to enhance visual appeal and taste.

The nutritional snack of the present invention is balanced nutritionally. It has a caloric distribution of at least 10% from protein, preferably at least 15% from protein, at least 45% from carbohydrate, preferably about 50% to about 60%, and about 25% to about 35%, preferably about 30% to about 32% from fat, said percentages adding up to 100% and being based upon the total calories of the final product or serving. The nutritional snack is preferably in bar form having about 290 to about 320 calories per 71 gm serving. The sucrose content is preferably less than or equal to a 16% contribution to the total calories.

                    Hope this article is helpful to anyone looking to start in the production of nutritious snack bar/ granola bars/ chocolate treats and the like.