WOOD PLASTIC COMPOSITE: A worthy alternative to Natural Wood

The world is changing; people have begun to prefer eco-friendly alternatives to employ in their daily lives. This has caused manufacturers of home appliances and services to change their approach towards production, with influence being deeply on focusing on environmentally friendly alternatives.

In the past, flooring alternatives like Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) tiles have been in use, being the flooring option, most households prefer. However, with the dawn of environmental activism, innovators have taken advantage of the invention opportunity, to come up with ‘green’ products in support of environmental conservation.

Wood Plastic Composite Board, also known as WPC Board is an eco-friendly material, which provides an alternative to natural wood together with ply wood. It an emerging option that has taken many homes by storm with its clean natural feel, all while conserving the environment, for the greater good. This composite material consists of thermoplastics and waste wood fibers, which are mixed together to form a base material with a thick consistency. Afterwards, it is further extruded and molded, to form different shapes and sizes.

WPC boards have become popular overtime as using alternative material to natural/ply wood prevents the unnecessary cutting of trees and is made using waste materials, which is an innovative method to make improved building materials. For every one tree saved, ten WPC boards are made.

Applications of WPC boards include:

1. Outdoor Deck Flooring

2. Fences

3. Door and window frames

4. Outdoor landscape

Benefits of WPC Boards:

1. Depending on one’s requirements and needs, it can be shaped and molded into different shapes and sizes

2. Since WPC Boards are a blend of high-quality materials, it eventually becomes a high quality material.

3. Flooring and profiles made with WPC boards look prospering. Paint is used or thermal transfer is done for modern and high end-surface treatments to make the WPC doors. This flooring option looks exclusive and attractive.

4. It is a cost-effective substitute to the ply wood/ natural wood.

5. It is an eco-friendly material which helps saves trees

So why not change up your home, bring in a fresh new flooring alternative, all while helping in conserving the environment.

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