Nowadays as you walk around residential areas and shopping centers, you will more often than not find a water refilling station. Water refilling stations have become a common venture, with the dawn of sustainability methods and environmental conservation. It is quite popular being that water is an essential part of our day to day lives. Ever household requires constant supply of fresh water, and the presence of Water refilling stations bridges that gap. Due to the presence of borehole water supply in residential areas, the water may turn out to either be salinized or too chlorinated. This forces residents to opt for a cleaner unsalinized source of water. Water refilling stations provide residents with a chilled and filtered water supply.

Setting up a water refilling station begins with the construction of the station which is then followed by ensuring that the water source is ready. When all this is done, installation of the machines and equipment follows. It is advisable to conduct the installation at night when there is less human traffic. A complete installation usually takes only 1 to 2 days.

From here, purchasing of other supplies needed for the refilling station starts. Such things like seals, heat guns, water containers, sanitizer soap etc. are bought. At this point, constructing your business’s signage and designing your sticker labels can begin.

It is highly advisable to test the machinery and equipment at least 1 to 3 days before selling the water product. You can also get a sample for a water analysis. This analysis can be done at a water purification office where they can guide you on how to test your water. Moreover, get water sample at least a month after operations begin, to ensure that the result from the water analysis is sufficient.

Once you pass the water testing, you’re good to go. You may begin serving your people.

Which locations are best suited to set up a water refilling station in Kenya?

Water refilling stations are best placed in the following areas:

1. Shopping Centers

2. Urban Estates

3. Along Rural roads

4. Schools

5. Homes

6. Companies

7. Hospitals

8. Hotels

Also, working in conjunction with your local supermarket will be cost effective in terms of saving on rent and power consumption. It is important to ensure that the environment around the refilling station is clean and sanitized, to attract customers and create a better aesthetic.

What is the price of a Water ATM in Kenya?

The price of a Water ATM varies from supplier to supplier but on average, it could go for Ksh 150,000. The prices however may vary, depending on the capacity and features of the machine. Ensure the water refilling machine is best quality as you purchase it to ensure you get value for your money.

Where can you get a custom-made water refilling station in Kenya?

When it comes to all maters Water Filtration and sanitation, Pure-Safe Ltd are here to help you pick the best suited machine, in line with your specific needs. Assisted by our team of experts, let us help you set up a state-of-the-art water refilling station, from its installation to plumbing, all the way to its aesthetic appearance.

Feel free to call us on 0722270671 or drop us an email at info@machine4africa.com.

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